Our Approach

Technology is changing rapidly, as is how humans interact with it. Gone are the days of hour-long, online trainings. People need information quickly, but only when they need it. CK’s approach to training is breaking concepts into bite-sized chunks, whether it’s an informational video, or a quick, interactive refresher, we focus on what’s best for your audience.

Our Story

Basically, three friends got together and said, “With our experience, we can do this better, cheaper, and more effectively than other companies.” Two worked with Fortune 500 companies. The third person was just really funny and creative. So he got to stay. We’ve been doing this ever since.

Meet the Executive Team

We are a people-first company, who seeks to make life-long connections. Humor and creativity are a huge part of who we are individually, and what makes each of us tick in our own unique ways.

Tim Rymel, M.Ed.

Founder & CEO

Tim has been in corporate training for over 20 years. He is the author of three books. In his spare time, he is a social justice writer and contributor to major publications. He is the father of two and husband of one.

Abel Perez, B.S.

Vice President/Creative Director

Abel’s brilliant sense of humor, and love for people led him to get his degrees in sociology and work with children. When not directing creativity, Abel works with the visually impaired at his local school district.

Next Steps…

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